"Hey Edgar how you doing hon?" The question came from a badly made up women of about sixty.

"Why I'm just fine sweetie, how 'bout you."

"You know me, always doing the best I can," the older woman laughed at her own joke.

I smiled, then walked away. "I don't know her name but every time I do a walk through here she is around." The here we were walking through was a club called the Island. I made a point of walking through it once a tour just to show the uniform. A tour was made up of five consecutive shifts. Most cops never went inside the Island. Homophobia was most likely the reason. Cops were the worst for it I'm told.

It was my new partner's first time through the place. I probably should have warned her but hell it would be interesting to see how she reacted. The island was a gay and lesbian club. I doubted that anyone had explain those particular traits to Annie.

"Hey Edgar whose your friends? She's cute." That question came from one of the pretty boys. I might have been the only cop with any sympathy for the left handed crowd. The ex had decided, after ten years, that she was really meant to be with a woman not a man. At first I blamed the woman, then I blamed myself. Both of those proved to be destructive so in the end I blamed God. That proved to be much easier in the long term.

"Her name is Annie, but she isn't your type."

"You never know Edgar, some women like to watch."

"You can ask her if you want," I shrugged as I said it. I left the two of them in a quiet conversation while I approached the bartender. "Hello Angel, how are things?"

"Things would be fine if that bitch girlfriend of mine would stop hitting on every straight woman with a big pair."

"She is just out there trying to convert people. Kinda' like a Jehovah's Witness." I had heard the same thing from Angel almost every time I went in. "If she is that much trouble move on," I suggested.

"I would but she has the cutest lil way of....." I held up my hand to stop her from finishing. I had zero desire to know what her girlfriend's cute lil thing was.

The Gay customer who had Annie trapped finally backed off. "So Annie, what did he want?"

"Strangest thing he wanted me to come to his house and watch a crisco party. Edgar what is a chrisco party?"

"Annie, I have no idea and I really don't want to know."

Believe it or not I actually was working. I kept an eye on the crowd even though there was zero change they would commit any crimes with two uniformed officers standing at the bar. Still one never knew. Sometimes people use the presence of a cop to get someone else collared.

"Hey you cop," the voice came from a small women who might have been attractive is she made any effort at all.

"Which one? we are both cops," I asked.

"The pretty one," she replied.

"Like I said which one. I think we are both pretty." I smiled. Everyone within earshot smiled. "Oh you mean Annie. Annie I think butch here is talking to you."
"What makes you say a think like that?" the customer asked.

"The muscle shirt maybe?" I replied with a grin.

She gave me an evil look then turned her attention to Annie. "I like some cops," she said smiling.

"You should like all cops, after all we are the good guys." Annie said seriously.

"Well you seem to be for sure. The jury is still out on your smart mouth partner."

"Yes he is rather smart." She said that smiling at us both.

"So would you like to come back after work and have a drink with me?" The woman was trying to embarrass Annie.

"I don't drink, but I do thank you for the offer." Annie appeared to be deathly serious.

"Okay, well if you change your mind." The 'mostly' woman was confused and I found it amusing.

I had no idea if Annie realized she had been hit on or not. I almost told her she should allow the butch to buy her that drink. I took a perverse joy in imagining the look on the butch chick's face, when she found an electrical outlet instead of a nipple under Annie's blouse.