They warned me that the new Annie was going to take some getting used to and they were right. She might not have the emotions of a woman or the hormone swings, but she had the thought processes of a woman down pat. The first big change I noticed was her attitude toward my house.

"You know Edgar, I never realize what a slob you are. I cleaned out your refrigerator because most of the things in there were out of date."

"Why the hell did you do that you don't eat them. Even if you did, they wouldn't make you sick."

"I don't want to carry you around because you have food poisoning. If you like give me some money and I will drive to the store to replace them with fresh things."

"Don't bother. I'll just order take out from now on."

"No you want. You are too cheap," she actually smiled when she said it. I was not at all sure that I approved of the new improvement Annie.

"Come on we will both go to the store. You can see if they have anything you want. You know like an apron and dish cloth."

"I hope you don't think that I am going to clean your filthy house. Lord knows it needs it and even I could do a better job than you, but that is not part of my mission statement."

We took her institute car to the store. I kept my junker car for emergencies and I didn't consider healthy shopping an emergency. I even let her drive since it was a short distance with no real difficult decisions to be made.

Once inside the store I headed to the frozen dinner cooler. I loaded the buggy with over a dozen of them. I just picked up various ones in what must have seemed like a random selection to Annie. It pretty much was except I did not choose anything with its basic ingredient as fowl of any kind. That's right no chicken or turkey found it's way into my buggy.

After the frozen dinners it was hot sauce, steak sauce, and lots of bread products. Coca cola and beer completely my shopping list. I should have known I would not get out so easily. Annie had become an android with a human set of thoughts after the improvement.

"You need more vegetables than potatoes and pasta. At least get something green to eat with those horrid frozen dinners."

Rather than argue I bought several small cans of veggies. I planned for those to grace my cabinet shelf forever. The buggy was much less than half filled as I pulled it into line behind a young woman with an infant.

The most unlikely thing happened next. I know it will seem perfectly normal to you but to me it was extraordinary. You have to remember I had been around Anne almost two months by that time. The woman with the baby turned around a smiled at us. It was her way of apologizing for the amount of groceries in her cart.

I smiled back because I understood. Annie reacted as a woman not an Android, "What's the baby's name?" I know that sounds like no big thing, but she had chosen to interact with a human before. It was something I had never seen her do. Well she had always interacted with me, but even then she did not start conversations. At least not before the improvements.

"Her name is Deborah," the young woman replied.

"Ah, I had an aunt named Deborah." She caught herself before she went on. She looked at me with a bit of embarrassment on there face. It seemed Annie wasn't quite sure who she was at that moment. I wondered what, if any effect, that would have on my future. I sure as hell hoped she wasn't going to develop a split personality.